After a few years running THE SENTIMENTAL CYNIC, I have decided that I no longer need to be there. Of course, I love it… all the lessons learned and shared right there, however, it is time to move forward, a new space and a new direction.

I know. I can’t just walk away from the old parts of my life. I’m not trying to. Not at all… I just want a fresh blog, with a fresh and more honest way of working.

This is not my official first post, but if you landed here, via a link on THE SENTIMENTAL CYNIC know that I am glad. I’m excited to embark on this journey and write from the heart. I have so many posts already lined up for the New Year, and a focus on a quieter life. 2017 is going to be brilliant, can’t you feel it?!

Things to look forward to:

  • A Shop Launch : featuring NEW stationary products as well as stock from my former SENTIMENTAL CYNIC shop!
  • Motherhood : Posts about my children and the things I learn being their mother will always be a feature here, although – for privacy reasons – we’ll be taking a more general and private way about it.
  • Photography : I recently joined TWENTY20! It’s inspired me to photograph more and indulge in that hobby. I’m excited to share that photography here.
  • Wellness : While it will never be a “get fit” blog, I do plan on incorporating my own fitness journey. I’m so excited about my new-found motivation and some realizations.
  • Things I’m Loving : I really enjoyed sharing a “favorites” post on THE SENTIMENTAL CYNIC. My new take on that is a Things I’m Loving series that will post every Thursday!
  • And Even More : look for DIY, FREEBIES, BOOKS and lots more. I want this blog to be a true extension and can’t wait to share!

I really am excited to Begin Again, as it were. While I’m sad to let go of the some of the past, I am thrilled that it just means I’m headed full-steam-ahead into this new and wonderful life!

Best to you all.


Johnna LaFaith



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