Well, here we are. A new year, and another chance. Hello.

The last blog I ran was The Sentimental Cynic. I started it the September I turned 30. It grew and grew and I loved it so much. And as it grew, I grew… so much. Life changed, my ideals and hopes changed. Even though I had created wonderful working relationships with companies like Honest Tea and Fort Boards, and several inspiring artists I just couldn’t stay. I tried a re-brand, I even tried to just post differently… but I realized it was time to say goodbye. I even said Goodbye to Blogger… and landed here, on WordPress.

I left behind a blog that helped me grow, and decided to leave behind the name. Strip it down, keep it simple… let this just be me. I’m 32 now, I’ll be 33 later this year. I feel free in that, free to be and breathe and express. This is a time of celebration. Happy New Year! And welcome.



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