I know, I know. Goal posts at the beginning of a new year are soooo cliche. But the truth is – cliche or not – that I do have goals for this new year, the blog, my family and my life.

Of course there are health and wellness goals. Weigh less, feel better, have more energy. But this post isn’t about that.If you are interested in my “health journey” I will be posting about it later this month.

January 9th I go back to classes after a nice break. I’m pretty excited about my classes and that I won’t be taking a math class this semester. However, being an online student means I HAVE to get organized. Now, I’m pretty ok at this, but I’d like to get a great system in place and start using my calendar app. Am I the only human still refusing that technology?!

The other big goal I have is to start a savings. I haven’t had a savings of any real significance since the days of coins in piggie banks you have to bust to empty. Last year there truly was no extra money and struggling through that and facing some of the BIGGEST life shakeups to date (both good and hard) meant we were just getting through it. But we conquered 2016 as a family and 2017 is THE LIBERATION YEAR (that’s what I’m calling it).┬áThat means a savings, among other things. I’m going to put money back for the eventual move, next Christmas and one solid weekend for the family and one for myself and my honey-love. We’ve all earned it! A modest, quiet, get-outta-town, carefree two days. But that needs a plan.

The third, and final goal (of this post) is to create. Writing, painting, sketching… it’s all important. Just taking photos everyday is something I need to do. Last year was crazy and involved a lot of creativity but I still struggled to find my voice. This year I want ALL avenues of my life to compliment each other and hearken back to authenticity, progress and giving it my all.

The main agenda for this year is to improve. In little ways as well as big ways. I want to see myself happier and more prepared. I want to live adventures that I want to share, in a way that I feel comfortable sharing. I want the “quiet life”.

I hope you all have an amazing year and an wonderful January. I’d love to hear what you’re working towards, too. Feel free to comment below. Best to you all.





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