I love snow. Even shoveling, as I’ve gotten older, isn’t that bad. I don’t necessarily want to drive in it, but a long walk can be its own kind of perfect.

Towards mid-December we had our first legit snow. It was a weird day, one that ended in very little routine but that inspired me to actually pick up my real camera and take some photos.
I think, in all of us, there was a great need to live in that snow-globe world. After the kids went to school I decided to walk to the Once Around Shop to look for candles. It was cold… But instead of noticing, I let my mind wander. The snow started to come down harder and harder and in the two and a half blocks it took to get there everything was perfect and untouched white.

The kids came home and played till all their noses and fingers and toes were frozen and pink. Even the big kids who are “too cool” to play. It was wonderful.

Sometimes being in the moment isn’t about being un-busy, life is busy, it always will be. All you really need to do is look at what’s actually happening around you. Be there, if only a second or two, and just feel it.


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