Inspiring Mothers


Something that has always been a big deal to me is the reminder that motherhood should bring women together NOT pit them against each other. Motherhood is a hard job and one that requires giving so much of ourselves every single day. If we are focused on the very noble cause of raising our children to be good people we must lead by example…

I used to have a series called RAD MOMS that ran on my blog, THE SENTIMENTAL CYNIC. I had lots of interview lined up with women I thought were not only great moms but also inspiring women. Though my blog is now closed I plan on bringing those interviews to you all here. This month you’ll get to read my exclusive interviews with CHERYL FRASIER, KRISTEN MITTLER and NATALIE MEAGAN. I think you’ll enjoy how much these three ladies have to offer. I know I do. Even reading back these words NOW in 2017, I am floored by how touching their words are. Ever inspiring.

I do have hopes of continuing this tradition of interviews here, on JOHNNA LAFAITH. It means a lot to me, these dialogues and interactions. If you are interested in being involved I’d love to be in touch! Or if you’d like to suggest someone you think is an “INSPIRING MOTHER” that would be amazing as well.

Leave your comments and ideas below. Thank you so much!



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