THINGS I’M LOVING [2017: 1/52]


As a blogger, I read a lot of blogs. I wanted to make the first Things I’m Loving post of the year a list of those blogs I enjoy so much. PLEASE, click through and check them all out. Some you might already know, others might be a welcomed addition to your blog roll.



I’ll be 100% upfront with you, there is some nudity here. This tumblr is full of photos taken by Emma Elizabeth Tillman. She also posts favorite quotes, but mostly I love this little space because it feels so intimate and special. It’s like she’s from another world, or a different decade. She’s existing, feeling, loving, living on this beautiful and authentic level. I rejoice in that.

(photo is not my own, it belongs to Emma Elizabeth Tillman of Love The Ghost)




There has been a huge insurgence of “Instagram Moms”. While I’ve been known to coin the phrase, I don’t like the almost derogatory way it’s being used. In the realm of these moms you find a sub group that seems to live perfectly curated lives. White walls, minimal decor and beautiful children aplenty. It can inspire you to carve out simple, beautiful space and it can also, unfortunately, make you feel like an utter failure. That brings me to OLDJOY, or – as she is the real world – Kristen. Kristen runs the Oldjoy Instagram account… but what she has that gets to me is heart. Her blog, Moon Schooling Eleanor is a personal, emotional look at her life. She shares her struggles, her thoughts, her triumphs and the changes they’ve faced. It feels like talking to your best friend. I’ve cried so many, many times reading Kristen’s words. It’s because she truly is carving out beautiful space, full of love. That authenticity comes across. I believe she’s moving to her own website soon, so stay tuned for that update!

(photo is not my own, it belongs to Kristen Mittler of Moon Schooling Eleanor)




Between my not-so-secret love of photos of interiors, and FREE wallpapers for your tech devices I was already sold on Design Lovefest. It’s edgier than A Beautiful Mess (no offense to those gals, of course) but full of simple DIY stuff, gift ideas and great interior photos. It’s just an interesting collection of posts that just keep coming. Totally worth checking out!




Technically NOT a blog, but you’ll thank me for this. Even if you don’t buy one thing, these outfits and pieces are such a perfectly curated collection of vintage wear that you’ll just die. I love browsing the website and wishing for a piece or two… and she has a sweet little Instagram too.

(photo is not my own, it belongs to Noir Ohio)




Have you ever been really, really, genuinely PROUD of someone you’ve never met?? I have, and it’s Courtney from Pretty Little Fawn. She’s so humble and inspiring. She does it all. She’s an actress, blogger and model. She’s a wife and a puppy-mama. She’s got her own, beautiful style. I’ve followed along with Courtney’s journey for so long, and seen her move, update her home, pursue her career and get married. She’s always sweet to those that comment on her blog or on her Instagram photos. She’s just terrific, and if you aren’t familiar, you really should be. She’s the best.

(photo is not my own, it was taken by @champagneunicorns -on instagram- and was borrowed from Pretty Little Fawn)


I hope you enjoyed a look into what I love to read, online. I’d love suggestions from your internet faves! Maybe YOU have a blog, I’d love to see that too! Comment below.


(the featured image for this post is “Tangerine Sea” by Megan Elizabeth c/o Design Lovefest)


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