I am not a “guru”. Not a life coach, personal trainer, motivational speaker, or even a “fit” person. I’m average. I’m not entirely overweight and I’m not too skinny. I’ve got muscles but no abs. I’m regular. Keeping all that in mind, it’s pretty clear my post won’t be expert by any means. I’m just here to share some revelations I’ve had that helped me, a very average girl, find motivation and modest success.

I don’t know if it’s being older, or if it’s a shift in priorities but some things have recently moved into focus for me. Yes, this is a “goal” blog post about my resolution to be thinner, but it’s more.

Three things have changed my life…

I WILL NOT be at my start weight until I reach my goal weight! Sounds obvious but I can’t tell you how much failure has happened to me over simply thinking that I’m either what I weigh RIGHT NOW or what I hope to weigh. No matter what your goal weight or how many weeks or months you are from achieving it, you will see changes in your body as you go. It might be less bloating, it might be a pound you’ve lost or your skin clearing up but you will see a change. You are only at the beginning once. See everyday as a countdown instead of a wall between you and the “end”.

Value your fitness/weight loss journey. This is your life! It’s your health, your self confidence, your mood, your preventative measures and your dream! Isn’t that worth putting value on? It’s easy to feel like it’s an extra expense, maybe you don’t hav money to devote to it, but allowing yourself to make it a priority will help invest your heart and will power. Getting a FitBit was paramount in my motivation. Suddenly it became something that wasn’t free. Something I should want to make use of. And I haven’t. Tracking my food, water, sleep, steps and participating in challenges gave me the accountability I needed and competition against myself to complete daily goals.

Being vain is okay. When I’m honest with myself, “loosing weight to be healthier” is NOT number one. For so long I was ashamed to admit to even myself that I wanted to lose weight because I’d look and feel prettier (in my own estimation of myself). Loving yourself and loving your body doesn’t mean you have to be the size you are and proud… It just means owning your “body destiny” and taking pride in that journey. You can love the person you are and still strive for whatever that “best version” of you is. You don’t have to scream it to the masses, but make peace with your inner diva, and strive for that “hotness”. You’re worth it! Maybe that means building muscle, rounding out that booty or dropping a couple dress sizes – WHO CARES – it’s your body, you can do what you want.

I’ll be working my way into some high-waisted, black, super skinnies. Wish me luck! And share your fitness goals or tips below.



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