For as long as I can remember I’ve been a day-dreamer. I never really called it that, or even thought of it in that way, but that’s exactly what I am. I like to think about how my future home will be, how Honey-Love and I will look in matching coats, what books I’ll introduce Lydia to as she gets older, where I’ll go on vacation, what life will be like in another year… or ten. It feels good to think about where life is going. I think that’s why websites like PINTEREST are so popular. People love the thrill of a plan.

I’ve been thinking a lot about WHY I wanted so badly to move the blog and change it’s name. I suppose it’s part of my vision. I see myself, a few months from now, really embracing my studies, making time to write and being nearly the size I’m dreaming of. It’s going to be Spring then and I want to be brunching it up in high-waisted skirts and feeling like a million bucks, next to my dream guy. The best part is, it’s all attainable. I’ve already got the most important bits.

The reason I wanted a blog change is that I think I’m ready to let go of the cynicism (hence the name THE SENTIMENTAL CYNIC) that has been my defense mechanism. Sure, I can never go back to the naive girl I once was, but I’m literally letting go of the things I cannot change, and trying to pump out all the positive and authentic vibes I can. I know that some people will continue to dislike me, but I have to focus on being the girl in the vision… the future is now.

Anyway, that is my not-so-subtle way of getting to the point that I’m going to be pinning more. I already pin, from time to time, but I need more PINTEREST friends… You can follow me HERE and I’d love to follow you, too.

The FEATURED IMAGE for this blog post does not belong to me, it appears via PINTEREST and is from DESIRE TO INSPIRE


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