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The babes and I both got a nice long break from school. Honey-Love even got a nice break from work. It was nice. Not having to get up early (even though we did) and not having to be on the go so much (even though we were). Mostly though, the mental break that happens when you don’t have to read 500 pages a week and answer hundreds of math problems, write paper after paper and analyze till you can’t see straight — THAT was the kicker. We needed it… I needed it.

But now, the break is over. The kids started back to school on the third and my first day is today. Armed with a handful of new pens and composition notebooks, even a nice planner (thanks Mom) – I feel really ready, and honestly, excited! I love school. I really do. All the information, all the pushing you to reach your potential, it feels good. Oh how I wish I could’ve gone to school fresh out of High School… but it’s never too late. Getting a degree at ANY age feels (and is) important. It’s progress… and a good example… and has a way of reminding you that you CAN.

I didn’t mean to go on gushing but I really am excited. I’m taking Art and Business Classes, Psych and Literature too. All faves of mine. I even got a favorite professor again! I’m looking forward to sharing some highlights from my classes, here. And if you’re on a journey back-to-school yourself, I would love to hear about it.




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