“If You’re Not Drinking it, You’re Retaining It”


My sister and I always used to chant the mantra, “if you’re not drinking it, you’re retaining it”. Drinking water can be hard. Between water-tummy aches and the water-chills and all… that… pee, what is a girl to do??

I’ve been seriously working on a way to schedule my “water workouts” (yeah, that’s what I’m calling it, and it is that much work). I found that since I need to be in the car at certain times, chugging in the car or right before a long drive is a NO NO! In order to remedy this, I drink 12-14 oz first thing in the morning, while I’m waiting for the coffee to brew. I limited myself to one cup o’ joe a day so that I’m not undoing all the good that the water is achieving. After I work through a cup on the morning commute to and from drop offs (this could be your drive to work) I get settled in and chug another 12-14 oz. For me, focusing my efforts on drinking water, rather than sipping all day yields much better results. It’s still taking all day with that chunk method, but I’m not in fear of a stuck-in-the-car-gotta-go-right-now accident. I try to do 3 12-14 oz bottles before lunch, 3 after lunch and the rest in the evening.

Another thing I do, is tricking my body. Basically, as I’m getting in laps, I drink the whole time. It’s somehow easier to drink while I walk, It seems like I’m truly engaged in the act of burning calories, I’m a marathon speed-walker, look out, and quench my thirst. Maybe it’s a mind thing, but on the days I do this, I hit my water goal with ease!

One more veteran trick of the water drinking “trade”… drinking from a straw is faster. Sounds silly, but ask my sis and she’ll confirm. Whatever it takes? Right?!

It’s recommended that you drink 4 liters of water a day and in 4 weeks you’ll look younger, have less intense wrinkles (or maybe lose them all together) and see you face, jaw and neck ACTUALLY GET THINNER. It’s real, and it’s one of my favorite truths and real-life motivators.

Best of luck to you,





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