THINGS I’M LOVING [2017: 2/52]


It could be because it’s back to school and a new year, but I’m especially loving OFFICE SUPPLIES. Oh, I mean I’m always swooning over the like, but I’ve been binging on office type stuff on Pinterest. PIN! PIN! PINNED IT!

Here are a few favorites… and visit my PINTEREST BOARD titled O F F I C E – I S H for lots more.


Even though it might be more suited to my 9 year old daughter, I still think THIS STAPLER from Antropologie is sophisticated enough to find a home in my big-girl office. Maybe because of the natural wood that shows though or the simplicity of the design… or maybe just because I like what I like.



I use highlighters every single day. Especially, being an English Major, reading all those books, I NEED to highlight important lines, quotations and character points, but most of them are so… neon. These COLOR ON COLOR highlighters from MochiThings are the perfect answer! And at 12.95, I can guilt-free treat myself! Gonna pick some up soon. I need that mint in my life!!



GROVEMADE makes these high-style, glorious and utterly perfect desk accessories out of wood in different finishes. I’m actually loving the lighter, more honey-toned ones. But the darker are so rich. This would have to be a total splurge (just a track pad stand is 59 alone) but, a girl can dream… can’t she?



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