A SERIES OF UNFORTUANTE EVENTS: a review of the Netflix Original Series



As any book lover will tell you, the book is always better. There is no avoiding that simple and utter truth. When I read the books, written by “Lemony Snicket” as a young girl, I cried and laughed and felt the true pangs of anxiety at each turn. My imagination ran wild. The characters became real, and my empathy was tested. I was changed. Reading them as an adult, a couple years ago now, I found myself feeling those same emotions. No television show – however eloquent – can replace that. I don’t suppose I’d want it to.

In that way, if you love books and want to experience that and still be blown away, READ THE BOOKS FIRST! The best part in that logic is there are only 4 books covered in this season so that’s a quick endeavor!

Now, onto the review. It’s perfect. Can I say that? Is that objective? I’m critical of books to movie “up-cycles”. I don’t like remakes or reboots. I proceed with caution and pick it all apart. I had high hopes though. Daniel Handler (that’s Lemony Snicket’s real name, guys) was involved at every step. He wrote the teleplay, and advised. He even makes a cameo in a few episodes. It felt like a peek into his brain, but more impressively, a peek into the readers brain. My brain. It was what I saw, what I imagined. It held up… and whole chunks were word-for-word. Patrick Warburton as Lemony Snicket was precious and touching. Who’d have thought, he could be the charming and strange Lemony Snicket? (He’s handsome too, which -duh- Mr. Snicket is). All the characters spring to life. Handler has always written his characters in a way that allows the reader to see themselves or the people from their own lives. Never mentioning people as a skin color, we become familiar with the personality traits and judge them on their inner self. It was inspired to see so many ethnicities represented and still be able to say, “YES! That’s right”.

My children and I binged the entire season, 8 episodes, in the evening after school Friday. It was a magical journey. I highly recommend it. Whether you’ve read the books or not it’s a family experience in the truest sense.


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