Inspiring Mothers with Natalie Meagan


Natalie is an artist, a small business owner and a girl power enthusiast. She runs the CRY BABY GIRL GANG and preaches a powerful message of female empowerment and that it’s okay to be emotional, you are still so strong. This is an interview we did on my blog, THE SENTIMENTAL CYNIC back in May of 2016. She continues to be a powerhouse!


You’re not only a small business owner and leader of the Crybaby Club, you also are a mother! How has that shaped your journey? What is the hardest part?

The hardest part for me is time management, but I am getting better! Being a mom has definitely helped me become an excellent multitasker. I try to work in the mornings (returning emails, errands, chatting with the girls, etc) while the boys go to school, then we eat lunch together and have our hang out time. I also read them a story every night before bed, so I think I do a pretty good job and juggling everything I have going on, but I can always be better, and I’m always striving for that. 

Sharing your art with the world can be scary, right? How did you overcome those fears and what advice can you give other women?

 It is so scary, and I was too terrified to share my things for a long time. I am a very externally motivated person, a perfectionist and a people pleaser. The thing that helped me the most was finding someone that believed in me and what I was doing. It was the most amazing, refreshing thing that could’ve ever happened to me or my art. It seriously took just one person, one voice, to make me feel like maybe what I was doing was worth sharing, so I did, and I became braver each time. I recommend realizing early on that you’re allowed to mess up, you don’t have to be perfect. We are all learning and doing our best, so give yourself room to grow. Also, surrounding yourself with people who value, push, and support you and the person you are is invaluable. Hold onto those people, and let go of your fear. 



Who inspires you as a woman? Do you see their influence on your life, or in your art and business?

I have my muses as far as women go, like Edie Sedgwick, Ginnifer Godwin, Emma Watson, and pretty much all of my friends, but my grandmother inspires me the most, out of anyone. She’s always been such a force to be reckoned with. She was constantly moving, always into something, and I definitely got that from her. She is also the strongest woman I’ve ever met, with a humble heart, a silly sense of humor, and more love than any one person should be capable of expressing. She poured herself into everything and everyone she was ever involved with, and I try to do the same…with my family, with my friends, with my club, with my art.

You started the Crybaby Club and have had a serious outpouring of love for it and you, it’s awesome! What struck your interest in starting this and what have you been most surprised by?

My interest in starting it came from across the pond in the form of Kayley Mills. Her art was so cute, upon receiving a couple of pieces, I also received a “forever princess” membership card, affirming that no matter how big or small I was, I’d always be a princess and it was so cute. I immediately became jealous I hadn’t thought of it first. I ransacked my brain to figure out what I could do. I wanted a club, but for what? For whom? Who are my people? Then it hit me…the crybabies of the world. The sensitive souls who feel all the feelings-those are my people. What I was so surprised by, and still am every day, is how many of us there are, and how important what we are doing is for these people. I just wanted to start a club, I never expected to form a community, and such a loving one at that. We have so much love and support and friendship going on, I’m so thankful every day.

There are a ton of lessons in this interview for any woman or mother, but what do you hope your children learn from this life you’ve chosen?

I hope they learn that it’s never too late to do take a leap of faith, to change it up, to make things happen. I hope they learn to love themselves first, because I never did, and am only just starting to realize how much power that holds. I hope they see their mother struggle, fall down, cry, and get back up. I hope they see strength when they look at me, and when they look in the mirror. After all, they are the most beautiful works of art I have ever created. 




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These photos belong to Natalie Meagan and appear with her permission



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