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Life, lately, has been a bit challenging. Not terrible, and not too much, just a new “way”, we’ll call it. I’d like to say I don’t mind. But most of the time, I do. In light of these changes, and a demanding school schedule, a weekend of being sick and whatever else will present before I finish this post… I’m trying to find beauty. Beauty in my children, in music, in familiar and in the new. Everywhere, anywhere. Here’s some of that beauty… What are you finding beauty in?

“It’s Not that You don’t HAVE Time, It’s that You Don’t MAKE Time”


A year ago, longer maybe, Honey-Love started using this phrase. “It’s not that you don’t have time, it’s that you don’t make time”. Not to shame me or to scold himself, rather, as a simple reminder that, so often, we DO have time but we use “not having time” as an excuse. I didn’t like it at first, then it became another – silent – mantra, deeply rooted in me.



I wrestled with how to write this post. How much do I share? What do I title it? Will it be too corny? Will it relate the “awakening” that’s happened inside me? I knew that it was important to share, for myself… it’s a way of being tangibly grateful. More than that though, it was a change to be humble. Openly. My happiness has been shaping over 2016, and with the close of that TRANSITION YEAR, I find myself – eyes wide open – truly happy in this LIBERATION YEAR.



You might know her better as @MAMAWATTERS from Instagram, but Amanda Watters of HOMESONG BLOG recently posted a reflection themed piece where she encouraged readers to answer the questions as a way of reevaluating and better understanding themselves and their little world. I couldn’t pass it up, and thought (even if you already follow her or have done something similar) it might be interesting to share and connect on.



For as long as I can remember I’ve been a day-dreamer. I never really called it that, or even thought of it in that way, but that’s exactly what I am. I like to think about how my future home will be, how Honey-Love and I will look in matching coats, what books I’ll introduce Lydia to as she gets older, where I’ll go on vacation, what life will be like in another year… or ten. It feels good to think about where life is going. I think that’s why websites like PINTEREST are so popular. People love the thrill of a plan.



Well, here we are. A new year, and another chance. Hello.

The last blog I ran was The Sentimental Cynic. I started it the September I turned 30. It grew and grew and I loved it so much. And as it grew, I grew… so much. Life changed, my ideals and hopes changed. Even though I had created wonderful working relationships with companies like Honest Tea and Fort Boards, and several inspiring artists I just couldn’t stay. I tried a re-brand, I even tried to just post differently… but I realized it was time to say goodbye. I even said Goodbye to Blogger… and landed here, on WordPress.